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sgabigbang team five

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Oh, I'm spammy, aren't I? [May. 10th, 2007|01:10 am]
sgabigbang team five

Alright, fellow group members, I am in dire need of some encouragement/advice.

*prepares to tell life story*

So, basically, I'm a plot-driven writer, yes? I typically have an end goal in mind, a process to get there, what chapter is going to contain what pivotal plot-point and the relationship just gets weaved in between. Sometimes I use the plot as the relationship instigator, sometimes they're separate.

However, my muses are demanding a character (relationship) driven story. And I'm just fine with that. I've got the steps and thoughts and development of J/R all laid out in my head the same way I typically do plot.

Only problem is...I can't see to create a plot. No action. No...anything, besides emotions and a few scenes. And I'm especially having problems seeing Sheppard in a noncommand position like my prompt is. I realize I can create a situation where, despite not being in the close working relationship of CMO and CSO, J&R get together...but nothing's coming to me. There's just no movement forward. And I really don't want lengthy exposition for 40,000 words and neither does anyone else.

I've got a week and a half of (fairly) uninterrupted time and I need to punch out like 20,000 words or so, but I'm completely at a loss.

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Question [May. 4th, 2007|12:57 am]
sgabigbang team five

Anyone have the link to the original post outlining our options and requirements for this fic? Thanks in advance.
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check-in? [Apr. 26th, 2007|12:34 pm]
sgabigbang team five


I just wanted to check in and see how everyone's writing is going. Anyone need some cheerleading? Handholding? A shoulder to cry on?

I hope you are all doing well out there.
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check in day! [Mar. 21st, 2007|07:12 pm]
sgabigbang team five

Hello all!

I was just wondering if people still wanted to post their progress, since the check-in was today. Any thoughts? I can throw my link up if people would like. I was, uh, kind of productive today. *g*

Hope everyone is doing well!

ETA: The link!


username: mckay
password: ascension

Enjoy! Any feedback welcome! My prompt was Rodney ascends in Tao of Rodney.
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Background Questions [Mar. 19th, 2007|01:11 am]
sgabigbang team five

Okay, I'm going to shamelessly use you wonderful people to help me as my flist has very few SGA/SG1 people on it and I am terrible at remembering or even noticing this stuff. So, questions to aid in bigbang writing. A lot of these are things I've noticed in fanfic, but never noticed in an ep...

1) When do we first learn of Rodney's citrus problem?
2) Do we actually know anything about Shep's family? Are his parents alive, what they did, anything about his home life?
3) What was it exactly about Afghanistan that got Shep kicked to McMurdo? (I'm good with administrative military stuff, but not so much on missions lingo/rules)
4) What were the circumstances surrounding Rodney's "exile" to Siberia? How did he get to Antarctica? (I've only gotten through seasons one and two of SG1)
5) What do we know about Col. Sumner beyond the fact that Shep doesn't like him?
6) Does McKay actually play piano and if so, what ep does this happen in?
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The first post, oh my. [Mar. 14th, 2007|09:35 pm]
sgabigbang team five

Hey everyone :D

So, I know there's a 'roll call' next week at sgabigbang on the 19th, and I was wondering if we wanted to post what we've all written so far on that day/around then? You know, just to get opinions and whatnot.

I don't know how far everybody in the group is so far, but the amount wouldn't really matter.

What do ya'll think about the idea? It's up to you guys.

- Rosie (let_fate_decide)
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